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Best Acoustic Guitar Cases: Gig Bags vs. Hard Cases

Best Acoustic Guitar Cases: Gig Bags vs. Hard Cases

Graphic by Hannah Travis

Whether you’re on-the-go to a local acoustic gig or traveling cross-country with precious musical cargo, every acoustic guitar needs a handy (and durable) case. But, depending on the type of player you are, it’s important to decide which case you need to keep your instrument safe. The most common cases you’ll find are hard cases and soft cases (also called “gig bags”), each with pros and cons. And, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, there may just be a hybrid that solves all of your problems, too.


If you’re picking up an Orangewood acoustic guitar, you’re in luck – all of our guitars ship straight to you in a case. Depending on the collection you choose, there are three different case options, so let’s take a look at them and pack up this debate once and for all.



Convenient & Affordable: Soft Cases (a.k.a. Gig Bags)


Our Orangewood-branded padded gig bag is a great lightweight option that's friendly on storage space, too.


Gig bags are incredibly common because they’re affordable and practical. While they don’t offer the maximum protection for your guitar, you’ll find that these cases do a great job in usual scenarios. They’ll protect the surface of your guitar from any knicks, dings, or scratches, and the extra padding will help in the case that your guitar does experience an impact. 


Most gig bags feature carrying handles as well as backpack straps for convenient transportation. They also store easily if you’re tight on space, as they can fold down and tuck away, unlike other cases.


If you’ve got your guitar on your person at all times, this is a great, lightweight option that will get you from point A to point B without any worries. 


Our solid top models come with a padded gig bag, while our Playa Collection instruments come with a standard gig bag.


Iconic & Durable: Hard Cases


Our top-end, all-solid wood collections come with an Orangewood-branded hard case. Who can resist that old-school, velvety look?


Hard cases are a classic option that have stood the test of time; obviously, a hard shell that protects your guitar is going to keep it safe and sound. The rigid exterior will make sure nothing touches your guitar except the cushy velvet on the inside, and it doubles as impact protection, too. Hard cases do a great job of making sure your guitar will make it through transit safely — plus, they look good while doing it.


The extra protection does come with a few extra considerations, though. First of all, hard cases require a bit more space for storage when they’re not in use (although, we do recommend storing your guitar in its case with a humidifier to keep it in pristine condition). Also, it only has a carrying handle, so if you prefer the backpack straps, it might be worth considering the other options.


Every order from our Highland and Topanga Collections ships in our branded hard case, because their all-solid wood deserves solid protection.

If you are looking for an upgrade to your Overland or Melrose Collection purchase, you can always spring for a hard case, too. We also sell our hard cases à la carte to perfectly fit three different body sizes: Dreadnought, Grand Concert, and Grand Auditorium Cutaway.


 Acoustic Guitar Hard Case 




The Styles


The Orangewood-branded MONO Vertigo™ case combines top-of-the-line protective tech with plenty of modern conveniences, too.


Wish that you could find a case that had all of the conveniences of the gig bag, while getting all of the protection of a hard case? Well, you’re in luck. Meet the MONO Vertigo™ Acoustic Guitar Case.



 Vertigo™ Acoustic Guitar Case 



It’s got all of the features. Its military-grade (and waterproof) shell exterior, combined with a plush-lined interior and Headlock® neck suspension system, is guaranteed to keep your guitar safe. It has a custom molded hypalon rubber outsole to brace the case for impact. It’s got the tech to keep your guitar secure like a hard case without all of the extra weight and bulk. Plus, we’d be remiss if we didn't mention the tuck-away backpack straps.


If you’re the type of guitarist who knows they’ll be traveling often and won’t settle for anything less than premium protection, this is the case for you. 


Case-by-Case Basis: Choose What's Right For You


Every guitar player has different needs (and a different travel itinerary). Sure, if you’re a bedroom-pop musician in a cramped studio, a soft case might be a no-brainer — the same goes if you’re a touring guitarist and you need your guitar to endure countless trips on trains, planes, and automobiles (in which case, the MONO Vertigo™ best suits your needs).


Unless you’re the kind of free spirit who rolls with no case (which, for the record, we really advise against), you’ve got a great selection of cases to go with. Whether you stick with what comes with your guitar or decide to upgrade, just know you’ll have something to give you a little peace of mind while traveling with your precious cargo.