Orangewood Guitars Grand Concert Acoustic Guitars

Grand Concert

Based on the shape of the classical guitar, the tapered waist on the Grand Concert makes it the ultimate studio and stage guitar. This popular shape is traditionally suited for fingerstyle playing, but it is a great all-around guitar with a great mid-range tone.

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Orangewood Guitars Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars


The Dreadnought is the most traditional guitar shape. This shape has a lot of bass response and a full sound which makes it a favorite among flat-pickers and singer-songwriters as the full-sounding rich tone supports the voice very well.

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Orangewood Guitars Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic Guitars

Grand Auditorium Cutaway

The Grand Auditorium Cutaway is an extremely versatile shape that creates the ultimate all-purpose acoustic guitar. This shape allows easy access to higher frets, and is designed for both fingerstyle and bold strumming. 

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Orangewood Guitars Mini Acoustic Guitars


Our Mini body is a scaled down version of the Grand Concert that makes it perfect for the musician on the go, or just someone who would prefer a smaller scale. The mini has a light, focused and balanced sound.

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Orangewood Guitars Spruce Wood Acoustic Guitars


Spruce is the most common wood for soundboards. It provides exceptional tone
definition and projection. Sitka Spruce is a special type of spruce that grows on the west coast of North America.

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Orangewood Guitars Cedar Wood Acoustic Guitars


Cedar is less dense than Spruce,
and typically gives a softer overall tone. This tends to yield a warmer overall quality. Cedar is typically used as the top on classical guitars.

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Orangewood Guitars Mahogany Wood Acoustic Guitars


Mahogany is a wood, that tends
to be quieter with less pronounced
overtones. This creates a tone
that is usually described as
strong and punchy.

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Orangewood Guitars Rosewood Acoustic Guitars


Rosewood is widely used for guitar bodies. Sonically, Rosewood is celebrated for the depth and complexity it brings. It rings through a wide range which yields rich tones at every point.

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