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Acoustic Guitars That Feel Like Electrics

Illustration of an acoustic guitar shape and electric guitar shape

Long-gone are the days of every beginner starting with acoustic guitar. Yes, it’s true, starting on acoustic will develop your finger strength quicker, get you really working to perfect bends, and dial in your hand-eye coordination pressing down those thicker strings. But, let’s face it, the comfort and playability of modern electric guitars is tough to pass up for first-timers. 


If only there was an acoustic guitar, with no compromises, that rivaled that playability. If it’s time to switch because you’re ready for that acoustic sound without the clunky acoustic feel, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Welcome to Orangewood’s guide to navigating your electric-to-acoustic journey.


Why Get an Acoustic?

If you’ve started with an electric, your guitar collection definitely needs an acoustic. 


First of all, the sound of an acoustic is completely irreplicable. Electric guitars have no natural amplification or resonance, leaving you with a harsh and unfun sound to listen to while practicing unplugged; acoustics, on the other hand, have a hollow body, giving you a sonically rich & full tone from the get-go, even without any extra gear. This also makes them great travel buddies.


Secondly, with their thicker strings, acoustics will help you develop incredible strength in your hands at a super efficient rate. Think about it like resistance training; if you play your acoustic for a while and swap back to the electric, the lighter strings will feel like they are weightless. Eventually, your fingers will get accustomed to the heavier gauge strings, and you’ll be able to play both with no worries. 


(Pro Tip: Acoustic guitars usually have thicker strings because they provide better volume and warmth. If you really want to, you can find Extra Light acoustic strings, which will have a similar weight to the electric ones, at the cost of a perhaps less desirable tone.)


If You Like Electrics, Here Are The Best Acoustic Specs

There’s a few key characteristics in your guitars that will really determine how comfortable it feels. A good crop of modern electric guitars, especially beginner-friendly ones, will have comfort-oriented specs; slim bodies, modern C or D shaped necks, and plenty of fret access to play those higher notes. Plus, electric guitars usually have low action (distance between the strings and the fretboard) for easy fretting and bends.


If you want your acoustic guitar as comfortable as possible, these specs are a great reference to start. Look for a smaller body depth and a C-shaped neck; an acoustic with a cutaway would rock if you’re truly looking to take the lead on your acoustic. The cherry on top would be finding an acoustic guitar with a great setup: low action and no fret buzz will get you flying through those quick riffs and sounding pristine while strumming chords.


Orangewoods Are The Way To Go

You don’t have to look far to find all of these comfort-oriented specs in one great package. In fact, our lineup offers plenty of options for the fabled “acoustics that feel like electrics.” When it comes down to it, all of our guitars receive expert-level setup from our resident technicians before they start their journey to your door. But, if you’re undecided, let us provide a few acoustic suggestions for electric players.


Ava Mahogany: With its slim grand concert body shape, fast playing C-shape neck, and incredibly smooth Grover open back tuners, this one’s a great pick for a player seeking comfort in their acoustic.



Cleo: The grand auditorium cutaway body shape is ideal for any high-flying (and high-fretting) solos on an acoustic. Cleo has that and more with its perfect C-shape neck and Grover open back tuners; it’ll be like you never put down the electric.  



Need the volume boost from your acoustic? Make it Live. Almost all of our guitars can be upgraded with an acoustic-electric pickup so you can plug-in & play straight away.