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Top 5 Guitar Accessories for the Beginner Guitarist

Top 5 Guitar Accessories for the Beginner Guitarist

Graphic by Hannah Travis

With the plethora of gear available to the modern guitarist, starting from scratch can often be intimidating for new players. Let's demystify the guitarist's accessory collection; today we're ditching the gimmicks and getting down to the essentials. Here are the first 5 accessories you'll need to get started as a beginner guitarist.


The Tuner 


The tuner is, undoubtedly, the most critical part of any guitar player's collection. Nobody likes playing out of tune, and with this nifty little device, you'll never have to. Just clip it on to the headstock of your guitar, pluck a string, and watch the digital display light up as you shoot for the acronym you'll never forget: EADGBE.


The Strap


Turn your living room into the main stage. Just throw on this strap by placing both ends through your guitar's strap buttons and watch your stage presence go from 0 to 100 in just under 2 seconds. Standing up while playing guitar is a game-changer, so channel your inner rock star and get to strumming!


The Capo  



This simple gadget will completely revolutionize how you see the fretboard. Just clip it on to any fret and hear as your entire guitar is transposed into a new key — perfect for moving those open chords into a new range. Still not convinced? Check out this SongPsych video on the magic of the capo.


The String Winder 



Changing strings might be an unfortunate inevitability for a guitar player, but once you grab yourself a string winder, breaking a string won't make you break a sweat any longer. Use this tool to make winding up strings to tension a breeze.


The Pick 



Some readers might read this and think, well, duh. The pick is one of the most unanimous guitar accessories around, but it's one you can't forget. Take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level with this nifty little piece of celluloid. Don't forget to buy a few more than you think you'll need; they have the tendency to disappear in front of your very eyes.




Need help finding all of these accessories in one place? If only there were an affordable bundle out there, you say? You're in luck; the Orangewood Accessory Kit comes loaded with all of the above and more.