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Meet the New Orangewood Brand Identity

Sage mahogany guitar on a leather sofa with new orangewood logo overlaid

Photo by Hannah Travis

You may notice things look a little different around Orangewood today. Here’s the scoop! We’re excited to officially announce our new logo, as part of our overall refreshed brand identity. This transition marks an important milestone in our evolution. 

Don’t get us wrong. We’re big fans of our old logo, but we created it when Orangewood launched over four years ago. We started with just one collection and a mission to create a guitar community for the next generation of musicians.

We did this by creating a simpler shopping experience with affordable pricing, free shipping, and a professional guitar setup, so every instrument is playable right out of the delivery box. Visually, we designed our original logo to communicate this same participatory message. With an instantly recognizable, easy-to-read font, our logo was something everyone could identify with.

Old orangewood logo

The original: Our old logo was first introduced during Orangewood’s launch in April, 2018



Since then, we’ve launched over fifty models (!), designed six collections (including two premium all solid ones), and watched our favorite musicians tour worldwide with our instruments. As we embrace our next phase, our new logo is ready to grow with us. 


Echo 12 String guitar headstock with orangewood script logo
Orangewood guitar headstock with script logo

Our revamped logo represents our commitment to modernity while celebrating the true timelessness of a classic acoustic guitar.



As any guitarist knows, the guitar headstock is one of the most iconic elements of any instrument. Our creative team worked with type designer, Mika Melvas to create a refined custom logotype and headstock that matches who Orangewood is, a true modern classic. The logo maintains the simplicity of the original, but with new decorative accents to emulate the uniqueness of each Orangewood player. We can’t wait to see these new guitars out in the wild. 


Orangewood branded guitar hard case 

Orangewood accessory kit box next to oliver mahogany guitar

You’ll also see this logo rolled out for our other products, too, including our gig bags, hardcases, merch, and accessory kits.



As part of our overall refresh, we’re updating our website with accessibility at the forefront. This includes more legible typography (created by type agency, Dinamo), softer colors, and interactive product photography. We’re also introducing a new filtering system with advanced search functionality to provide the best in-store shopping experience, online.


 Shop guitars from the comfort of home. Our new filtering system helps find the perfect 6-string for you.



Lastly, we introduce to you our blog, The Tuner. This is your new go-to source for guitar tips, artist interviews, and all things Orangewood news. 

 Person on a laptop looking at a blog website


We’re so excited to welcome you to the next chapter at Orangewood! Thank you for being a part of our journey.