WATCH: Marty Music Unboxing Video - Orangewood Guitars

WATCH: Marty Music Unboxing Video - Orangewood Guitars

Marty is a legend in the YouTube guitar community - not only because you can't search "guitar" on YouTube without finding a Marty Music video, but because he has put years into mastering the art of video lessons, reviews and covering the hottest guitar topics. Marty also hit the 1 million subscriber mark this month! 

Marty recently got his hands on the Oliver Cedar model and made an unboxing video to give his community his take on Orangewood. Check it out!

Ya gotta trust a guy that has his coffee in a Darth Vader mug and opens a guitar box with a light saber!

Big thanks to Marty for checking out the Oliver Cedar. Make sure you subscribe for more videos like this - and who knows, you might see some more Orangewood guitars on his channel soon!

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Until next time, keep on jammin!