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Guitar Goddess Unboxing Video - Orangewood Guitars Blog

"I swear, this guitar right here has magical powers" is how Guitar Goddess, Michelle starts off her beautiful unboxing/review of her Orangewood Echo guitar. While we can't confirm that our guitars have magical powers, we do know that they are perfect songwriting companions which was part of the magic for Michelle. 

Michelle goes above and beyond in her unboxing video, adding in sections from weeks after she got it to tell us all about the amazing bond she has made with her Echo. 


Big thanks to the Guitar Goddess herself for making this video and sharing her experience receiving her guitar and writing with it. We love everything she's doing, as her videos inspire so many to play guitar, write and pursue music. 

Check out the Guitar Goddess YouTube Channel!

And to get yourself the Echo or any of our other guitars, visit the Orangewood website.

Keep on jammin fam!