Amazing Guitar Tone Under $200 Ft: Darrell Braun

Darrell Braun Guitar Video - Orangewood Guitars Blog

How good does $200 tone sound?! 

Our YouTube guitar player friend Darrell Braun recently received his first Orangewood guitar, the Oliver Mahogany. He made an incredible and honest video reviewing the guitar and playing some beautiful pieces. We think that anything Darrell plays sounds like magic, so how does magic fingers and a $195 acoustic sound? Hear for yourself.

So you really can get amazing tone for under $200! No need to break your budget to start playing guitar and feel good about your playing. We started Orangewood to finally make great acoustic guitars accessible to anyone, because everyone deserves the opportunity to play music.

Big thanks to Darrell for highlighting his Oliver Mahogany guitar in this great video and sharing it with his community of guitar players and musicians. For more videos and great guitar content, SUBSCRIBE to Darrell Braun

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