Jared Dines Compares $175 Guitar VS $4,000 Guitar

Jared Dines Guitar Video - Orangewood Guitars Blog

It's a common assumption that the more you pay for something, the better it will be, and in the music world of course we all want to invest in our instruments so that they sound and feel the best they can. But do you really have to spend thousands on a acoustic guitar to get a good sound and good quality? 

We partnered up with our friend Jared Dines to compare our $175 guitar to a $4,000 guitar side by side. 


So there you have it! Our Orangewood Austen guitar side by side with a $4,000 guitar. 

Big thanks to Jared for doing such a legit comparison. Click here to check out his YouTube Channel.

Click here to purchase our Austen model.

Keep on jamming.