Top 10 Guitar YouTube Channels to Watch in 2019

Top 10 Guitar YouTube Channels to Watch in 2019

We LOVE YouTube, and we are definitely guilty of spending countless hours watching YouTube videos instead of answering emails. Oops. 

Without further no particular order, we present to you the top guitar YouTube channels to watch in 2019!


Guitar Goddess


FINALLY! We shout "finally" because it is about time that a bad-ass female guitar player takes over and uses YouTube to empower other women to pick up the guitar. Michelle of Guitar Goddess is truly inspiring as she has poured thousands of hours into her amazing channel, and it totally shows! She's breaking the mold and showing women everywhere that they too can be a Guitar Goddess.

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Paul Davids

Looking for the most beautiful guitar videos on the Internet? Paul Davids has got you covered and will blow you away with the quality of both his visuals and audio! Paul is someone we tremendously respect as he is an important voice in the guitar community. Nearing a million subscribers and with over 75 million views on his channel, you know that no matter what video you select, it's going to be top notch quality.

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A voice and a vibe that is sweeping the music community - the lovely Fatai! She's a force with her one of a kind style and swag, leaving us all just waiting for the world to catch on. The mastery that goes into vocal gymnastics like she demonstrates in this video is absolutely incredible, but one must not overlook her incredible guitar playing as well. This woman is killing it on every front and you should be in the know!

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Darrell Braun

Hailing from our Northern neighbor, Darrell Braun has stepped up the guitar reviewing game and is making Canada so proud! (I am from Canada). With the kindness and charm, Darrell has grown a cult following that hangs on his every word because well, he's awesome! Turn to Darrell the next time you want a guitar review or a lesson from someone who is going to give it to you straight - with a smile.

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Alice Kristiansen 

With a voice that will soothe your soul and make you believe in love again, Alice Kristiansen is an artist on the rise that has acquired an impressive following with her incredible covers and beautiful originals. Alice is so perfectly tasteful with her music and YouTube channel - and we're stoked to see a new girl on the block inspiring more girls to pick up the guitar! Make sure to check out her tunes now, so that you can say you knew her before she's a star.

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Music Is Win

Funny that Music Is Win is next on our list because Tyler is the guy that's going to give it to you straight - with an extra dose of dry humor. Music is Win is one of the most informative and thoughtful channels with no B.S. Tyler prides himself on being super honest with his followers and has worked tirelessly over the past 10 years to create an incredible community of guitar players pursuing mastery and creativity.

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Ryan Bruce

Known as "Fluff" by his friends and well, the entire guitar community, Ryan has a legendary beard and guitar channel called "Riffs, Beards & Gear"! On his channel, Ryan dives deep into all the details and info you want to know about guitars, pedals and amps. He specializes in reviews and demo videos with brutal riffs and honesty. So next time you're looking into a guitar or pedal, check his channel, cause he's definitely reviewed it, and he will tell you what's up.

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Marty Music

Marty is the MAN on YouTube that you've got to respect for all the time and hard work he's put into his channel over the years. His thoughtful and consistent guitar content continuously inspire his subscribers to keep them moving forward on their journey to become better guitar players. With 1 million people subscribed and quality videos coming out 5 days of the week, Marty is a stand up guy that you have to watch.

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Jared Dines

Jared Dines is one of those guys that everyone within the guitar community knows, and it's for good reason. With the perfect combination of shred and humor, he's created a community of guitar players that look to him for honest gear reviews and a good laugh. You can check out all of his videos HERE or even catch Jared live as he is currently on an epic tour.

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Patrick Breen

Lastly, our break out YouTube guitar star is new player on the block, Patrick Breen! Patrick made our top 10 list with his incredible skill on the guitar and detail he puts into his videos - and of course his fashionable style. He is not only a great guitar player and video maker, but he also writes beautiful music that you definitely need to give a listen.

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Who's your favorite? - Is there someone we missed? 
Let us know what you think in the comments!

Until next time, keep on jammin.