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Rarely do you find an artist that has vocals, guitar playing and songwriting that are all equally breathtaking. We are happy to share with you the most recent release from our friend Tom Crouch, also known as Liminal, who is truly breaking the singer/songwriter mold with his thoughtful and heart wrenching music. His latest release "Inner Talk/Over Thought" is a wonderfully haunting song full of complex melodies accompanied by truly skillful guitar playing. 

Tom is someone that understands the balance of each instrument he is working with. As a great songwriter, he knows that melody is king, but uses rhythm and dynamics to make that melody and the lyrics so much more powerful. Due to his awareness and experience, he is able to use his instrumentalist side to write songs that communicate his emotion, rather than show off his technical ability. As one of the most skillful guitar players in town, this sensibility and thoughtfulness towards the song itself, sets him apart from the rest! He is not a guitar player - he is not a songwriter - he is not a singer. Liminal is the perfect blend, and that is what makes the music so special and rare. 

As you listen to "Inner Talk/Over Thought" you can hear the vocal and guitar dance around each other creating a beautifully intriguing piece. One is never in the way of the other, they dance hand in hand, while each adding it's own important, supportive voice. It's a relationship, a partnership, and a conversation. 



Every dance has it's first step, and with a song this powerful, it must have taken many to get to this point. So we reached out to Tom to get the story on writing "Inner Talk/Over Thought".


"The initial riff from “Inner Talk/Over Thought” came out of a jam session I had with a good friend of mine, a fantastic pedal-steel player Joe Harvey-Whyte. We set up in this old room that looks down on the infamous Denmark Street in Central London, with the one goal being to start making noise as soon as possible and just meandering along with the music. And within about fifteen minutes of making sounds I started to play a riff that ended up being the genesis of what became “Inner Talk/Over Thought”. I knew after coming up with the riff that it was something to behold and really cherish, and I knew I had to let it steep until I came around to a lyrical theme that was lofty enough to match with the guitar part. So on went months and months of playing the riff a bunch on all kinds of guitars, in all kinds of different tunings to start to develop lyrical ideas. Once I had a verse down, I stripped it all away and started working on the lyrics with the basic chords on my acoustic, to try to make the song as strong as possible at the core with just the raw elements of the chords and lyrics. After several months slogging away at the skeleton of the song, trying to get strong enough lyrics, I then took it to my producer, Jon Joseph, with the skin and bones being the guitar riff, chords and melody. And from there on out we built this huge, existential hot mess of a sound that then informed the rest of the record." 


It's amazing what a jam session can provoke, but it takes a special kind of artist to find that one gem of an idea, then be able to polish and add to it until it's has a completely new life and sound! It's really exciting to hear that the rest of the album has been influenced by this one song, as we already think it's incredible.

We are thrilled have Tom in our Orangewood community, as his music has inspired us from the beginning. We aim to work with artists that are pushing the boundaries and going above and beyond with their writing and guitar playing, and Tom is doing exactly that.

Tom owns our Brooklyn model, and we are happy to hear that he has been reaching for his guitar a lot recently, as we can't wait to hear new music from him.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you're bound to have an opportunity to see him play live in the next coming months, as he frequently plays Hotel Cafe and recently did a Sofar Session. So make sure to follow along and save "Inner Talk/Over Thought" on Spotify or Apple Music.

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