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Meet the All-New Melrose Mahogany Collection

Three solid top mahogany guitars with natural gloss finish in a wood cabin

Photo by Hannah Travis

Inspired by cozy stays at California’s great getaways, we gave our Melrose Collection a charming mahogany makeover to match. Three all-new models will feature solid mahogany tops, custom-voiced LR Baggs Bronze Element VTC pickups, and smooth natural gloss finishes.



Starting from the Top

Mahogany solid top guitar with natural gloss finish and abalone rosette sitting on a chair

In a first for our Melrose Collection, we chose solid mahogany tops for our new models. This tonewood continues to charm players and listeners with its mellow and smooth voice a voice that sings with clarity and evenness across the acoustic guitar’s full range.

We then chose layered sapele mahogany back and sides to back that voice with balanced, full-bodied projection. Finally, we chose three of our core acoustic guitar body shapes to give players this new sound in familiar forms: dreadnought, grand auditorium cutaway, and grand concert body shapes.





Tones Change Color, Too

Detail shot of a solid top mahogany guitar with LR Baggs Bronze pickups

The custom-voiced LR Baggs Bronze Element VTC is tucked in the soundhole for discreet, easy access


In a first for Orangewood, we’ve collaborated with LR Baggs to electrify our new models with a new pickup system.

The result is the custom-voiced LR Baggs Bronze Element VTC. Compared to the Fishman Flex Plus-T EQ pickups on our Melrose Spruce models, the Bronze has a hot (strong”) output while staying warm, balanced, and transparent for professional sound. You have two controls EQ and volume to change your tone like the seasons.

Every Melrose Mahogany model comes pre-equipped with the custom-voiced LR Baggs pickup.



An Unforgettable Finish

Detailed shot of solid top mahogany guitar with gloss finish and light reflecting

Our natural gloss finishes are UV cured and polished for a protective high gloss shine.

The best getaways stay with you forever. In that spirit, we finished our new mahogany models in natural gloss to protect and show off the figured solid mahogany tops and layered sapele mahogany back and sides. We kept other luxe Melrose touches like iridescent abalone rosettes, acrylic wing inlays, and gold hardware. They’re eye candy your ears can enjoy, too. 

Maybe you dream of wide open spaces where the sky’s the limit, or maybe you rest in thoughts of woody hollows and tranquil cabins. We’ve got the soundscape no matter your landscape.



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