Learning John Mayer's "Stop This Train"! Ft. Echo

Learning John Mayer's "Stop This Train"! Ft. Echo

Everyone in the guitar community agrees that John Mayer is an outstanding player. He's a master at the craft and his riffs are undeniably clever and difficult. Many of us spent hours wearing out our fingers trying to learn his songs when we first started on the instrument, and some of us still do today, as even the most experienced players wrestle with his riffs.

We are happy to bring you a video that will help you master John Mayer's song "Stop This Train". We partnered up with our friend Tyler (Music Is Win) to make a video playing what is arguably his second hardest riff, on an Orangewood of course! 

The Orangewood featured in this video is our Echo model, which features a Solid Sitka Spruce Top and Rosewood back and sides.

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Let us know how you do learning to play "Stop This Train". Do you think it's John Mayer's second hardest riff, or have you mastered it?

Keep on jamming!