Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes: Grand Concert v. Dreadnought Ft: Darrell Braun

Grand Concert vs Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars - Orangewood Guitars

When you are buying an acoustic guitar online, it is important to understand the difference between various body shapes to find a perfect guitar for you. One of the most frequently asked questions for us is this: What’s the difference between Grand
Concert and Dreadnought guitars? To help you navigate and determine which guitar shape is best for you, we partnered with our friend Darrell Braun to explore the difference between Grand Concert and Dreadnought guitars.

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Grand Concert

Grand concert shape is based on the shape of classical guitars, with extreme curves and size that is in-between large bodied guitars and small guitars. The size and curves deliver a well-balanced mid-range tone with great clarity that makes it an incredibly versatile guitar for any style. As the actual body of the guitar is smaller than the dreadnought, it's an easier guitar to play - especially for younger or smaller guitar players. With its versatility and smaller body shape, the grand concert shape guitars are popular for new guitar players.


The dreadnought shape is an iconic style with its large and broad body. As Darrell said, dreadnought guitars are made for projection and volume. The curves are much more subtle and it has a bold, full, and deep tone that makes it great for both strumming and finger style playing. Dreadnought guitars are great for singer songwriters and anyone looking specifically for a big sound with a powerful low end.

In summary, both grand concert and dreadnought shapes have unique characteristics that will appeal to various types of musicians. 

We hope that Darrell's comparison of our Austen and Oliver guitars has been educational and helpful on your musical journey. We'd love to get your response to the video and hear which shape you prefer and why in the comments!

Here are the 2 guitars played in this video!

Orangewood - Oliver

Orangewood - Austen

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