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10 Music TikTokers You Need to Know

10 Music TikTokers You Need to Know

Graphic by Hannah Travis

Launched just a few years ago, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks around. The app is officially a household name in the music industry with TikTokers carving out space for every instrument, genre, and playing style.


Here at Orangewood, you could say our team is pretty addicted to TikTok. When we aren’t on GuitarTok creating our own videos, we’re looking at MusicTok for guitarist inspiration. To get you started, we’ve compiled a guide to some of our favorite TikTok musicians — and why you absolutely need to be following them. Beware: highly addictive content incoming!




dancing queen but it's sad and jazzy &lt3

♬ original sound - laufey

Blending classical, jazz, and folk, Laufey — a recent Berklee College of Music graduate — is sure to inspire your guitar playing with her dreamy, nostalgic sound.




##guitar ##fyp

♬ original sound - Pickup Music


Do you have the tabs for that? Fear not! PickupGuitar (part of the Pickup Music community) is your go to guide for all things guitar lessons and theory. You might even see some familiar Orangewood Friends featured on the channel (hi, Ruben Wan). 


Marcin Music

redbone 🌊🌊 ##guitartok ##fypシ

♬ original sound - Marcin


A percussive fingerstyle guitarist, Marcin is a hypnotizing musician that will motivate you to try something new in your own guitar practice.




ok i know you all love tabs so i’ll try to release the videos with them whenever i can ##guitar ##guitartutorial ##guitartok

♬ som original - malia


With a "Top 10 Easy Riffs to Learn on Guitar" Series, Malia (known as Bassrilia) is a great resource for easy-to-follow song tutorials. Whether it’s The Strokes, Mac DeMarco, or Pixies, Malia’s song selections are top notch.




Let's talk about "Love Story" by Taylor Swift! (Hosted by @dev_lemons ) ##presentedbyorangewood ##guitartok ##taylorswift

♬ original sound - songpsych


Ever wonder what makes your favorite song so good? Tune in to SongPsych, hosted by musician Dev Lemons, for the psychology lesson behind music theory.


Steff Stover



♬ original sound - Steff Stover

If there's a trend, Steff Stover has made the guitar version. From POVs to tabs, from skits to riffs, Steff does it all with style. If you're looking to mix in a good laugh with your daily guitar motivation, you've found your guy.


Acoustic Studio


Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies. ##acoustic ##guitar ##fyp

♬ original sound - AcousticStudio


What beats strumming the classics on a lake at golden hour? Nothing. Acoustic Studio truly brings good vibes only. If you've ever wondered which acoustic song you should learn next — and where you'd most like to play it — look no further.


Tucker McKee


##guitartok ##peaceful ##music

♬ original sound - Tucker McKee


Spice up your chord game with Tucker McKee. Tucker's always got a few tricks up his sleeve, and he's sharing those secrets with you over on his fun, yet educational TikTok page.


Nina Lü


no singing voice reveal today but i got inspired by nick drake and alex g for this one ##guitar ##originalsong ##indiemusic ##nyc

♬ original sound - nina lü ✨


Ever wonder how good you can get at guitar in just 6 months? Let Nina Lü be your inspiration. 


Carson Elliott



should I release this??? 👀🔥 ##talkbox ##songwriter

♬ original sound - Carson Elliott


Carson Elliot is single-handedly making the talkbox cool again. From original tunes to TikTok's chart-sweeping hits, Carson will find a way to make it sound extra smooth with his vocalized magic.





Plz don’t say Wonderwall.. ##guitartok ##guitar ##wonderwall ##orangewood ##orangewoodguitars ##music ##imbusyrightnow ##band ##guitarplayer ##acoustic

♬ original sound - Orangewood


Lastly, don't forget to follow the Orangewood TikTok to stay up to date on all things guitar culture.