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Watch Horace Bray Demo Juniper Black

Watch Horace Bray Demo Juniper Black

Watch Hayley Briasco Demo Juniper Black

Watch Hayley Briasco Demo Juniper Black

An Artist’s Secret Tool? The Rubber Bridge

Inspired by historic muting techniques and modified bridge designs of respected luthiers, we've put our unique spin on the dreamy rubber bridge tone.

Using our parlor as the base, we tested a number of rubber-lined saddle designs to find the right thickness and adjustability. We then upgraded the bridge construction with additional reinforcement and added in a trapeze tailpiece. The result? A muted yet articulate sound.

Upgraded Features

Ernie Ball Flatwounds provide a nice warmth to accentuate Juniper’s tonal textures, while Grover open-gear tuners ensure tuning stability. From beginning songwriters to touring pros, you can count on Juniper for reliable performance.

Plug In and Explore

Juniper sounds great unplugged, but you should hear it through your favorite amp and pedals. The high-output rail humbucker projects the perfect punch to balance out all that mellowness, and a simple cupcake-style knob adds volume control.

Expert Set Up + Gig Bag Included

Juniper is ready to play right out of the gig bag with a professional set up before shipment. When needed, you can easily fine-tune the guitar’s playability at home, using the headstock truss rod access, allowing for neck relief and adjustment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Killer guitar. Played a 45 minute set on it the day after I got it, sounded amazing through my pedal board and amp. Set up was a little high for me, but with a little tweaking it plays perfect.

Nicholas G.
great out of the box

A really nice sounding instrument. Perfectly set up, perfect intonation, which is impressive for a rubber bridge. The only issue I have is that my neighborhood is flooded in EMI, and rail pickups are quite sensitive to EMI. I brought it to a different location, and it was very quiet through a high gain amp. I guess I need to contact the city and hope I have as much luck as Samuraiguitarist did. To get a nice clean sound, it sounds best through an acoustic guitar amp, or a full-spectrum speaker, like a nice PA speaker. Otherwise an electric guitar amp with some dirt and slapback delay sounds great. The light chromes on this allow you to tune it to standard tuning. I've always had to turn rubber bridges down to C due to high tention, so this is a really nice setup.

Russ M.

Now how do I convert all of my acoustics over??? Artist deal???

Michael M.
Cool guitar!

I’ve had mine for a week now, played it every day for at least an hour and even used it for a trio (adult contemporary/jam band) show. It’s a totally different sound for sure. This will surely influence your approach to the material you are playing/writing. I personally think that’s a great thing! Think of this guitar as a narrow palette sound choice and you’ll be quite pleased. My ONLY COMPLAINT: this guitar will not stay in tune. I love the neck setup and the strings on the guitar so I’m gonna assume that the tuners are the problem. If anyone has a recommendation for high quality tuners, I’ll just replace them and keep rolling! Cool guitar!

Thanks for your review!

If your Juniper is falling out of tune, try giving the strings a good stretch. Our Juniper has high-quality Grover tuners, so fresh strings could be the issue.

If stretching doesn't help, drop us an email at!

Brian M.
F’in Awesome!

This is my second Orangewood guitar (Ava Mahogany) and latest addition to my collection. The Juniper Black Live is unique, beautiful and well crafted. The rubber bridge sound is the “new” old sound and I’d considered making one myself until Orangewood announced this beauty. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s not for everyone probably, and not for someone looking for their one and only acoustic, but if you love blues and folk music you’ll dig it. I love playing slide with it! I just need a better amp to get the full experience out of this dual rail pickup. Its brilliant! I’ve played it a bit on recordings through a processor and it sounds so cool with a little “trash” on it. I love this guitar. It also coincidentally shares the name of my dog who is also black and white. I highly recommend this guitar for anyone who is considering it.

Thank you for your review and for your continued support! We hope you and Juniper enjoy your Juniper Rubber Bridge Guitar!