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All Solid Collection
Starting at $895

All Solid Collection
Starting at $695

Solid Top Collection
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Solid Top Collection
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Watch Liminal Demo Echo

Watch Liminal Demo Echo

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Melrose models come freshly restrung with iconic Ernie Ball acoustic strings.

Elegant Aesthetics

Designed for those that stand out, the Melrose Collection sports gold hardware, abalone detailing, and a stunning natural gloss finish.

Gig Bag Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our premium gig bag, made with comfortable straps and durable padding for extra protection on the go.

Go Live With the Fishman Flex EQ

Our Melrose Collection Live models come equipped with a Fishman Flex EQ System, featuring a built-in tuner and onboard controls for volume and tone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Doug v.O.
Echo Vintage Sunburst Live - feedback

It was a long and freezing trip from LA, to Chicago, and now in Baltimore for the past week now for my Echo Vintage Sunburst Live. I was aware there would be some adjustments needed, likely due to the temperatures from the freezing conditions this time of year? Indeed there were. The low action advertised by other owners/artists on YouTube was one of the big reasons I chose to purchase it. Yet the action upon delivery was very high. Of course I knew it needed truss rod adjustments and your helpful videos were key to me doing just that. It took around 8 truss rod adjustments of no more than a quarter turn each, to get the action as low as possible. I have raised it a few times since then, due to slight fret buzzing. But everything just sort of fell into place for me, once the action was as low as I desired. I do love the guitar now and am playing much more now, than before with my previous one. Thank you Orangewood!

Thank you for review! We appreciate your understanding of how humidity and temperature changes affect a guitar during shipping. We're glad to hear that our videos helped and that it all worked out!

Dustin C.
Echo Live is excellent

Really enjoying it so far. Electronics are high quality, feel of the guitar is very good for a budget acoustic. Sounds higher end. Overall satisfied.


Absolutely love this product! Even with a noticeable crack in the neck just under the 17th fret bar. I never contacted the seller because it’s nominal, doesn’t takeaway from the quality for the price and I’m not bothered enough by it to want to go without it while it’s being fixed or replaced. I have other guitars and I still don’t want to part with this one specifically. It feels so comfortable and sounds full and rich. For such a robustly built guitar, and mind you this thing is noticeably heavier than any other acoustic I’ve played, the sound quality and playability is unmatched for the price. The electronics interface with my pedal board and amp with no issues. I actually notice less notch correction with my di preamp. If you can find this thing in an open-box sale which they do have sometimes, it’s a steal at any price. If I invest any more money in a more expensive guitar, it will be Orangewood.

Ciero K.
Sounds Wonderful

After doing some research, I decided to choose the Echo for my first Orangewood guitar. I was attracted to the brand because of their selection of Mahogany Guitars, but oddly enough I picked a unique choice with the Vintage Sunburst. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. It sounds rich and articulate, and it looks beautiful in my room. Action is great! It's worth it.


This guitar is worth way more than what I have paid for. Two of my friends bought and love these popular Orangewood guitars. Echo Vintage Live has a unique, distinct or specific quality of sound usually only achieved by high end guitars. I surely recommend Orangewood guitars to all my friends. A year after, I accidentally broke one of the tuning pegs when my guitar tipped over from it's stand. I emailed the company's customer service, and true to their word, they sent me a free one which is outside of their practices. Yes, Orangewood team will go beyond boundaries for service satisfaction. Thank you Orangewood! VERY SATISFYING EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!

Thanks for your review! We hope you continue to enjoy your Echo Vintage Sunburst Live!