A gorgeous all solid grand concert with a torrefied spruce top, Ava was designed for bright and balanced tones to perfectly complement your favorite song.

• Body Shape: Grand Concert
• Top Wood: Torrefied Solid Spruce
• Back / Sides: Solid Mahogany
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fretboard: Ebony
• Bridge: Ebony
• Pick Guard: Included (Optional)
• Hard Case: Included

• Strings: Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Light
• Electronics: N/A
• Tuners: Grover Open Gear Tuners
• Neck Shape: C
• Scale: 25.5"
• Nut / Saddle: TUSQ
• Nut Width: 44mm
• Bracing: Scalloped X
• Finish: Natural Satin
• Overall Length: 40”
• Body Length: 19 3/16”
• Body Depth: 4"
• Upper Bout: 11 5/8”
• Middle Bout: 9 15/16”
• Lower Bout: 15 5/8”

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Truly exceptional tone, build and value

I purchased the all-solid wood Highland Ava, with torrefied solid spruce top and sold mahogany back/sides. By way of background, I have been playing acoustic in public and private since 1988, and among my favorites are my Martin HD-28, Martin D-18 and the first guitar I ever bought, a cedar-top Seagull S6. Recently I began a search for a concert size acoustic, which necessarily led to playing various Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, and Guilds, among others. I was looking at price points between $1,000 and $2,300, which captures even the Martin 000-18, the concert equivalent of the D-18. Not in a hurry, I have played at least 10-12 different models repeatedly over the past three to four weeks. Online research has been made much easier with the advent of YouTube, and that is where I stumbled upon Orangewood. This Ava model is not yet comprehensively reviewed in video, but reviews of Orangewood's other models (with laminated back/sides, like my Seagull) were overwhelmingly positive. In addition, Orangewood video demos of this all-solid wood Ava being played by Dillan and Jacob were impressive.

Having played for 30 years now, feel and tone are by far the most important attributes of any guitar. I was hopeful that Orangewood could deliver those in the Highland Ava, and it has. In spades. Let me repeat: in spades. The build and feel of this guitar are exceptional, and its all-important tone is nothing short of full, bright and resonant. Action is smooth and perfect. What an awesome instrument. I will not be looking any further, I've found my concert size guitar.

Thank you Orangewood for daring to create an online-only guitar company. I hope this review helps increase the awareness of your most excellent guitars.

As a new player my love for playing is growing because of this guitar.

Early this year I was given the opportunity through a Veteran’s organization to take guitar lessons (a childhood dream) and was given a beautiful guitar for which I’m very grateful. However, I wanted something that would be strictly mine, meaning something that I felt came from my own efforts and work. After lots of research and reading on what would be good sounding guitar I can across the already established brands... and the prince tag that followed... which of course I can’t afford. Nonetheless I still wanted a good to great guitar. Enter Orangewood guitars. I settle for this guitar after reading/watching YouTube player’s opinion (which I somewhat trust), and I was not disappointed. I have not payed other guitars so I can not compare the sounds or acoustics with other more established brands. But what I can say is this, every day I look forward to my quiet evenings in which I can grab my guitar and play some cords and strum some melodies, and everyday I love playing guitar a little bit more, and I have to believe its due in part to this guitar. Thank you Orangewood!

Like it, yes I do, like it very much!

First of all, very nice case, fit is perfect! Every guitar maker should include a case, thanks Orangewood!!!! Second, the guitar sounds great! It is factory built guitar and overall, as far as I can see, comparatively well made. The factory did miss a few finer details, to repeat myself it is a factory made guitar, no big issues, nothing any thorough luthier setup couldn’t remedy if noticed. Some setup issues are just a matter of what you like or can live with and some are expected. I want to add that Orangewood support is excellent! I have corresponded with them more than once and I get the feeling it’s not just a 9-5 job with them, they truly care about the products and customers. Would I recommend this guitar? Very much so! I have owned or played my share of guitars over the past 30+ years, and this one is a keeper! Oh, one more thing -- almost forgot, very nice tuning machines, thanks again Orangewood!!!