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All Solid Collection
Starting at $895

All Solid Collection
Starting at $695

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $345

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $225

Layered Top Collection
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Ukulele Collection
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Watch Jake Biller Demo Morgan Mahogany

Watch Jake Biller Demo Morgan Mahogany

Watch Arianna Powell Demo Morgan Mahogany

Watch Arianna Powell Demo Morgan Mahogany

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Overland models come freshly restrung with iconic Ernie Ball acoustic strings.

Gig Bag Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our premium gig bag, made with comfortable straps and durable padding for extra protection on the go.

Go Live With the Fishman Sonitone EQ

Our Overland Collection Live models come equipped with a Fishman Sonitone EQ System, featuring a soundhole mounted preamp with rotary controls for volume and tone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 724 reviews
Break this guy in!

Break this guy in and he will sound great! Had it for a week and I’m already loving it!


Plays very well, comfortable, and has a nice clean tone, for the price it's very hard to beat

Paul V.
Blown away!

Where do I start? Believe the hype! The setup out of the box is perfect, really. Better than my Gibson J45. It came with high action and already sounded very good, a few twists of the truss rod and it plays better than most of my electric guitars. The neck and fretwork is flawless, I was fully prepared to take it to a luther to improve the setup. but there is nothing to improve. The Mahogany top tone is indeed different than a Spruce top guitar (like my J45) The sound is much easier to EQ in a mix than my J45. When recording the J45 I have to notch out a few low and high frequencies to prevent mud and harshness. This is needed when I record it through it’s Anthem SL pickup and Condenser Mic. However the Morgan has much more controlled lows and highs our of the box, so less EQ correction is needed. Now the bad: I really don’t like the sound of the Fishman pickup it came with (or any under saddle piezo's in general). On it's own the fishman pickup doesn’t pick up the lows very well and sounds dull and not 'woody' at all . Having said that, when I put the pickup signal through an acoustic guitar Impulse Response player the pickup suddenly sounds natural and consistent in a way I have never managed to achieve by mic-ing an acoustic. This sound is a studio tech dream and is quite frankly much easier to dail in that my Gibson J45 Anthem SL combo. Is there anyting bad to say about the tone? I dunno, I’ve had the strings on it for a while now and eventhough it’s a brighter sounding guitar than my trusty J45, the top end can’t be described as sparkling, granted it doesn;t have to be for a most singer songwriter music but there is less presence to play with. I’m going to replace the Bridge pins (which I assume are plastic with brass pins). I expect that to be the icing on the cake. Orangewood ruined me, I will never be able to justify spending a couple of thousands of dollars on a guitar knowing that Orangewood has guitars that are both cheaper, more easy to play and record.

Thanks for the review; welcome to the Orangewood family!

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Samuel D.

Orangewood Guitar
This Guitar is very well built and sounds good too. I'm going to buy another!