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Gig Bag Included

Take your ukulele everywhere with our premium gig bag, made with comfortable straps and durable padding for extra protection on the go.

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Every ukulele comes with a special Accessory Kit, featuring a tuner, strap, and chord sheet. Just unbox and start playing.

Plug In and Play

Our Juno ukulele comes equipped with a studio-ready electronic EQ with volume, bass, and treble controls.

Customer Reviews

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I'm impressed

I took a flyer on this purchase, but after looking for a tenor uke in the classifieds for over a year, I finally bought a new one. My only uke prior was a soprano Kala.

The fit and finish on this are top-notch. I own an Eastman guitar, another 'bench made in China' instrument, and the Orangewood blows it out of the water. The rosette looks great, as do the inlays. The wood is gorgeous. The electronics work and sound clear.

I have a few criticisms. The tuners are cheap feeling, and one of them is grinding in a way that doesn't inspire confidence. There is a minor finish blemish on the face. The instrument, and in particular the fretboard, was bone-dry. A coat of oil fixed it up, but you kinda wish you didn't have to do maintenance on something new out of the box.

Even taking those criticisms into account, I still give it 4 stars because of how impressed I am with the whole package and the value-to-price ratio.

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It is a great tenor.

I have owned the ukulele 1 month and I have to say, I am very impressed. It has a very warm sound. The sustainability of the notes are impressive for the price of the ukulele. The pickups are fantastic. The wood is great for percussion acoustics. There is not a lot I can say is that it negative.

If I had any complaints: the wire for the pickup was a little too loose inside the ukulele, and the frets were more sharp than I was use too. But some slight adjustments in my playing, I tend to forget it. (Maybe I had bad finger placement.)

This is an amazing ukulele and everyone should add it to their guitar collection. Off to ordering another Orangewood guitar.

bruno b.

Juno Tenor Acacia

Bryan M.
I expected a bit more

Playability, feel, asthetics... Great. I kinda love it.

But for some reason I feel like the G string is a big flat and as a whole I don't think the instrument has a nice sustain. I have a low cost Martin Concert that sounds prettier.

I'm gonna keep playing it and work it in a bit more, maybe even try some new strings but the sound just isn't there for me.

Which is so sad, because I've played orangewood guitars and absolutely loved them.

Maybe it's me.

Christopher L.
Awesome Uke

It is comfortable to hold and light weight. It sounds excellent as well.