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All Solid Collection
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All Solid Collection
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Solid Top Collection
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Watch Nicholas Veinoglou Demo Hudson

Watch Nicholas Veinoglou Demo Hudson

Watch Jacob Evergreen Demo Hudson

Watch Jacob Evergreen Demo Hudson

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Highland models come freshly restrung with Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings.

Vintage Inspiration, Timeless Impression

Inspired by the beauty of vintage guitars, we added a torrefied solid top and Grover open gear tuners to our Highland collection for an aged look and woody tone.

Deluxe Hard Case Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our sturdy hard case. Designed for durability and comfortability, it’s made for the guitarist on the go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Eric M.W.
Good but definitely had some flaws.....

Received the Hudson model & was really impressed with the build-quality & overall craftsmanship. Could not find a single manufacturing defect anywhere. The hard case was nice, VERY similar to the Gator case that I currently own for my other guitar. This particular model had a wonderful tone (the torrified top IS not a marketing gimmick, but does produce a more mellow sound that is readily audible). The setup was right on the money, nice & low (playable) & exactly to the "specs" that are generally listed on several online websites. The quality of the tone/sound was excellent in the FIRST position; however when played higher up on the neck, from the 4th or 5th fret up, the clear ringing sound of EACH string immediately developed into a "thud" or "rubbery" tone. That just wasn't acceptable to me (an advanced beginner/moderately advanced player), so after reading several online reviews which stated that the top bracing is just TOO heavy (therefore preventing the top from vibrating as it should to produce a CLEAR tone), I emailed Customer Service. They were great (& helpful & personable) & suggested that perhaps changing strings might help, & further suggested that I play the guitar fairly hard for 1-2 weeks to break it in. With a torrified top, a break-in period really isn't necessary, and I changed string-sets twice (2 different manufacturers). Nothing improved the "thud" sound so I reluctantly returned the guitar to Orangewood (hated to since it was a beautiful looking/crafted instrument in all other respects).
Customer Service did not even charge me the normal $15 Return Fee since I obviously had been sent a "defective" instrument. In hindsight, although their Customer Service was thoroughly top-notch, I really feel that a 5-minute "final tone inspection" would have caught these tonal deficiencies & this particular guitar should never have been shipped. The tech who did the setup did an extraordinary good job, but obviously checking the tone wasn't part of his job duties. Too bad. Buying a guitar sight unseen is something I really would not normally recommend, but the $15 return fee makes that a little more attractive. Anyone buying from Orangewood might just receive a GREAT guitar (mine was 20% off)......or not; it's kind of a crap shoot. With the abundance of website reviews concerning the thick top bracing, I would have thought their design department would have resolved this issue by this point; that aspect should have been corrected long ago.

Richard G.
Good value

Got it with the 10% off. $670 total, includes the hardshell case which is nice. Feels and sounds a little bit overbuilt, for the specs it should resonate more but that being said this beats every Mexican made Martin and epiphones in this price range.

richard k.
best value guitar period.

guitar sounds fantastic setup was done perfectly Im extremely impressed.

Brian N.
Return to Playing

I have played guitar on and off for most of my life and have just picked it up again after a 15 year hiatus. My last acoustic guitar was a Martin D15 which I loved but rather than let it collect dust, I sold it to someone who appreciated it and gave it the attention it deserved. When I decided to start playing again I considered several different brands but based on you tube reviews was originally interested in the Orangewood Echo. But then I watched a video that was a blind comparison of the Hudson to a Huss and Dalton and a Martin D41. I was blown away and when this went on sale, I made the leap and bought the Hudson rather than the Echo because I love the way the sound of a solid wood guitar evolves as it is played. Even though I haven’t played in 15 years, the setup on the guitar was perfect and I was able to get some beautiful tones immediately. My chops are coming back quickly (muscle memory still there despite the time lapse) because it is such a joy to play. Not only do I love the tone and sustain of this guitar, the fit and finish is outstanding. The herringbone binding on the top and back is clean,elegant, and refined. Reminds me of the D28 herringbone, but even nicer in my opinion. I am thrilled with this guitar. It has reminded my just how satisfying playing a quality guitar is.

Uriah E.
Absolutely love it!!

I’ve owned several Orangewood guitars, and the Hudson has been my favorite! I play a lot of bluegrass, and the torrefied top gives me that vintage tone I love. Be on the lookout for deals in order to get the best price on a great guitar.