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Watch Hayley Briasco Demo Juniper Sunburst

Watch Hayley Briasco Demo Juniper Sunburst

Watch Horace Bray Demo Juniper Sunburst

Watch Horace Bray Demo Juniper Sunburst

An Artist’s Secret Tool? The Rubber Bridge

Inspired by historic muting techniques and modified bridge designs of respected luthiers, we've put our unique spin on the dreamy rubber bridge tone.

Using our parlor as the base, we tested a number of rubber-lined saddle designs to find the right thickness and adjustability. We then upgraded the bridge construction with additional reinforcement and added in a trapeze tailpiece. The result? A muted yet articulate sound.

Upgraded Features

Ernie Ball Flatwounds provide a nice warmth to accentuate Juniper’s tonal textures, while Grover open-gear tuners ensure tuning stability. From beginning songwriters to touring pros, you can count on Juniper for reliable performance.

Plug In and Explore

Juniper sounds great unplugged, but you should hear it through your favorite amp and pedals. The high-output rail humbucker projects the perfect punch to balance out all that mellowness, and a simple cupcake-style knob adds volume control.

Expert Set Up + Gig Bag Included

Juniper is ready to play right out of the gig bag with a professional set up before shipment. When needed, you can easily fine-tune the guitar’s playability at home, using the headstock truss rod access, allowing for neck relief and adjustment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Me gusta ese guitarra LOVE THIS GUITAR

Borrowed from a colleague and this guitar sounds great playing Samba, Bossa Nova, Calypso and Reggae. Amplified with chorus / flanger and a loop station one can get sweet, lush ambient sounds. The action, neck and overall feel makes the price even more unbelievable!!

Mario D.
Enjoying my rubber bridge guitar

Fun to play different tone. I enjoy the artist, Madison Cunningham, and her exploits with the rubber bridge guitar.

Thank you for choosing Orangewood! We're delighted that you're enjoying your rubber bridge guitar.

Love it, great little vintage style parlor

The Juniper is a pleasure to play and gives a nice dampened but still resonant sound without having to palm-dampen. Sounds great with gentle amplification, and unplugged it makes a great practice instrument or apartment couch guitar. Pick guard is preinstalled, but much more proper and attractive than the lighter optional stick-on ones that come with other Orangewoods. For me it’s a pretty spot-on parlor guitar.

Steven B.

Love it so much! Great quality for a great price, can’t be beat. Need more companies like Orangewood in the world.

James H.
Lovely little guitar that’s full of songs

Excellent value, plays well. The unique voice is what I was after, it delivers. Next is opening the world of the pickup option into my guitar rig. Looping, ambience etc.