Oliver Black Live

Black is always a good idea. The new limited-edition Oliver is the same model that you know and love — now with a matte black finish. Just plug in with the Fishman Sonitone EQ system to command the stage.

• Body Shape: Grand Concert
• Top Wood: Solid Spruce
• Back / Sides: Layered Mahogany
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fretboard: Ovangkol
• Bridge: Ovangkol
• Pick Guard: Included (Optional)
• Gig Bag: Included

• Strings: Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light
• Electronics: Fishman Sonitone EQ
• Tuners: Chrome Die-Cast
• Neck Shape: C
• Scale: 25.5"
• Nut / Saddle: Bone
• Nut Width: 44mm
• Bracing: Scalloped X
• Finish: Matte Black
• Overall Length: 40 11/16”
• Body Length: 19 1/4”
• Body Depth: 4 1/16"
• Upper Bout: 11 11/16”
• Middle Bout: 9 7/8”
• Lower Bout: 15 3/4”



Customer Reviews

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Terrific engineering, leading to the clearest sound possible.

Almost perfect, still, BUY THIS GUITARS

This guitar is great. It really is a great value for the money. It sounds full and reacts great while playing. Compared it to a $350 Ibanez that I have and the sound of the Oliver is so much better. Compared it to a $600 dollar Alvarez, it was not as good. but the amount and quality of sound you get for the low price, that makes the Oliver a great buy. This is going to be my main practice guitar, it's coming with me to work daily, I was using my Alvarez but didn't really wanted to chance getting it damaged or anything, so I bought the Oliver as an affordable travel guitar type, wanted something that I would enjoy playing even for practice. Heard mostly from youtube about the great quality for money and the company's great return policy so I figure nothing to lose. For the most part, I really love this guitar. I will recommend this brand to my friends and family that are looking for a new guitar, and let's be honest, we are always looking for a new guitar lol. OK, so, the one criticism: There is an area on the neck, close to were it meets the body, on the side that you can see while you play; it seems it was not sanded down properly or something of the sort before it got painted, it feels and looks slightly uneven, it takes away from the smoothness of the neck and on direct light it's very noticeable, other than that, the guitar, is awesome. I work in manufacturing and know how small defects like this can happen, still, the sound and feel while playing this guitar greatly makes up for the one small issue, and again for the price, Buy this guitar you won't regret it. Also, I love everything black so bonus points for the paint job :). Will definitely look into getting the sage model in the future, maybe they'll have a black one by then ;)


Guitar is solid, exactly what I expected. I’ve been seeing these online for a while and recommended them to a couple people who were interested in buying a guitar. Honestly I wanted to see them for my self but for the price of these you can’t go wrong.
I bought one after playing a couple because they are really cool and well made and I wanted a travel guitar so I bought an Oliver Live Black. I say Travel because of the price not quality. Probably the best guitar in the price range don’t waist time at GC if your looking to spend the same amount of money. I wish these guys were around when I started playing guitar. My only complaint is the guitar I bought may have been ysed. I think It might have been returned. It wasn’t wrapped just in the gig bag and had a few scratches. I’m not concerned but was a big surprised after seeing my buddys unwrap their first guitars and was expecting b the same experience.
All in all they sound great and feel great I’ll probably buy a higher end OW in the future.
Post Script. Include a sticker my Bros.

Thank you for your review. Our new guitars currently come without the wraps in order to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint. The stealth finish on the Oliver Black is very sensitive to scratches, but we would be happy to assist you with this further via email. Please just contact us at
How is this guitar only $275?

Purchased this as a backup guitar for church and wound up playing it as the main guitar last Sunday. I own a Martin that cost me over $2k and a Taylor 110 and I'd place the Olivar's sound somewhere between a starter Martin or Gibson. It has a lot of the warmth of my Martin guitar, with a bit of the bite of a Gibson. I am very pleased and would recommend the Olivar guitar to anyone around. The price is a steal.

Thanks for your review!