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All Solid Collection
Starting at $895

All Solid Collection
Starting at $695

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $345

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $225

Layered Top Collection
Starting at $135

Ukulele Collection
Starting at $105

Watch Horace Bray Demo Dolores

Watch Horace Bray Demo Dolores

Watch Ben Jaffe Demo Dolores

Watch Ben Jaffe Demo Dolores

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Highland models come freshly restrung with Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings.

Vintage Inspiration, Timeless Impression

Inspired by the beauty of vintage guitars, we added a torrefied solid top and Grover open gear tuners to our Highland collection for an aged look and woody tone.

Deluxe Hard Case Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our sturdy hard case. Designed for durability and comfortability, it’s made for the guitarist on the go.

Iconic LR Baggs Anthem Pickup

Our Highland Live models come equipped with the award-winning LR Baggs Anthem Pickup System, chosen for its warm natural tone and feedback resistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

No issues with Orangewood. Mainly shipping issue from FedEx my shipping box was completly open and the case was damaged I actually think it fell out of the box.

Eric S.
Loving my Dolores Live

I was a little unsure when I decided to get the Dolores Live since I couldn’t play one before buying it. But the return policy pushed me over the edge. I got my first one in the mail and it had sustained some damage to the neck during shipping. The return could not have been easier. They were super accommodating. When the 2nd came I was very happy with it. It plays great. I bought it to be my main acoustic after my 67 Gibson J45 needed more work than I can afford at this time. The neck on the Dolores is much thinner than I was expecting, but it feels very comfortable even to my long fingers. I usually prefer a chunky neck. The scale length is also quite comfortable even though I was used to the Gibson scale length. Overall it plays great and sounds great as well. Compared to my old J45 it is slightly brighter, but for the difference in price the tonal differences are negligible. It’s a loud and powerful well balanced acoustic that is great for any singer songwriter. Highly recommend it. I spent an afternoon at Sweetwater playing lots of comparable guitars in this price range and higher and would still choose the Orangewood because of the features, sound, and playability. Plus no other guitar in this range comes with as nice a pickup system that I am aware of. This is your sign to get off the fence if you’re not sure about an Orangewood acoustic.

Thank for sharing your expertience! It's wonderful that the second Dolores exceeded your expectations and has become a comfortable fit for you.

William B.
Slope Shoulder Dreadnought ( J-45 Style Sunburst)

Orangewood takes some of the worlds most famous acoustic guitars and designs their versions of these amazing instruments at an affordable price range as well as creates their own original models.

Furthermore, their instruments have awesome cosmetics, comfortable, playability, and tone. This is roughly based off a Gibson J-45 aka “The Work Horse”. Gibson’s version would easily be about 3k and I picked the Dolores Live up for $900 on sale. I wanted a nice comfortable attractive looking dreadnought that was dependable and reliable. The L.R Baggs Anthem pickup, which is top of the line right now for acoustics pickups, providing authentic clarity of the instrument itself when plugged in versus cheap electronics that ruin an acoustic guitar tone when played live comes installed equipped ready to plug in and play.

Moreover, their customer service and warranty is second to none. My first one arrived broken due to shipping and they helped me send it back as well as sent me a new one free of charge. Also, you get 30 days to play and decide whether you want to keep your instrument or exchange it for a different model or a full refund as long as you do not apply the pick guard and keep the original packaging.

Orangewood is a very successful company and hope they continue to create and innovate wonderful instruments at a price point that the average person can afford as well as be happy with for years to come.

Thanks for your review, William! Enjoy your Dolores Live!


Delores sounds even more beautiful that she looks. I have not put this guitar down for nearly two weeks since the day I got her. My Taylor guitar is a little jealous. lol