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All Solid Collection
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Watch Dillan Witherow Demo Austen

Watch Dillan Witherow Demo Austen

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Overland models come freshly restrung with iconic Ernie Ball acoustic strings.

Gig Bag Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our premium gig bag, made with comfortable straps and durable padding for extra protection on the go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
jeff s.


Breckin S.
My First Guitar

This was my first guitar ever. I've been using it for three years now, and it still astounds me. The sound and quality of this guitar is absolutely impeccable for the price. I've played with some of my friends, who have much more expensive acoustic guitars, and they still think mine sounds better than theirs. I 100% recommend Orangewood's Austen Guitar for both beginners and even guitarists that have been playing for multiple years.

Josh B.
Loving every second

Just got my Austen a few weeks ago and it's just an all around fantastic instrument at any price. I've been playing for 25+ years and this $200 piece really holds it's own to much more expensive options. Wonderful crisp tone from spruce top. For this price point, I was really impressed about the small details like the trim on the back of the body and the black satin tuning keys. I would buy again in a heartbeat from Orangewood.

Charles O.
Dana mahogany

I purchased an Austen and liked it so much I ordered the Dana a few days later.
The Austen setup was perfect and I was very pleased with my purchase decision.
The Dana on the other hand was disappointing. There was zero neck relief and after adjusting the truss rod to reduce the back bow, the A string is dead when played on the 12th fret. It seems to have a high 13th fret perhaps.
I know this is a cheaper Chinese guitar but it didn't seem to get a thorough set up.

Satisfied W.
Great Starter Guitar with warm and well balanced sound - not too bright

For the price of this guitar, it plays tremendously! I've only been playing for 7 months and was using a Triple-O body style recording king, which is decent, but the deeper body sound with the dreadnought is awesome. I was shopping around for about a month before i decided to go with Orangewood. Watched a ridiculous amount of comparison videos for guitars around this price and the Orangewood won the ears to my heart every time. I also got the accessory kit which is decent - however, the tuner is....ehhh. Guitar Tuna mobile app seems more responsive and accurate though. Overall, the Austen Guitar is a great starter guitar and would pick this over the Echo due to the price difference and similar sound output (per my research in video reviews). Next guitar in my future is looking like the Hudson live as it sounded great in other comparison videos. Anyway, I would choose this over the Yamaha FG800 and the Fender CD60...or something...if you are a beginner-intermediate player.