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All Solid Collection
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Watch Horace Bray Demo Oliver Jr. Mahogany

Watch Horace Bray Demo Oliver Jr. Mahogany

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Overland models come freshly restrung with iconic Ernie Ball acoustic strings.

Gig Bag Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our premium gig bag, made with comfortable straps and durable padding for extra protection on the go.

Go Live With the Fishman Sonitone EQ

Our Overland Collection Live models come equipped with a Fishman Sonitone EQ System, featuring a soundhole mounted preamp with rotary controls for volume and tone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Hilary T.
Excellent Customer Service and Product

First off, I love my Orangewood guitar! After hearing my friends rave about their Orangewoods I started looking into the brand. I took the quiz on their site and was recommended the Oliver Jr Mahogany Live guitar.

I placed my order and had an initial issue with the amp and aesthetic of my guitar, so reached out to the customer service team. Super happy to say that they responded immediately, respectfully, and worked with me to get the issues resolved.

For the guitar itself, the darker design is so beautiful, it feels silky to the touch, and the sound is incredible. Would highly recommend!

Thank for your review! We're so glad you had a positive experience!

Ross B.

Oliver Jr. Mahogany Live

Curtis D.
Love it! Great value for the money!

I purchased the Oliver Jr. Mahogany Live and, so far, I have no complaints. It's a heck of a guitar for the price. While the setup was good when it arrived, I took my Ollie to a local luthier to have the action lowered a little. Ollie is my couch guitar now and I would not hesitate to use it for recording (which I will do soon) or live. Guitars that cost thousands of dollars are worth it to the people who pay for them but, as a retired guy, I can't justify paying a month's pension (or more!) for a guitar. Thank you Orangewood for making quality instruments at an affordable price. The biggest problem I have now is choosing my next Orangewood guitar.

Eric V.
Sounds great, stays in tune, size is great to transport and for kids, looks great. Would buy again!

The Orangewood Oliver Jr. Mahogany Live is my first guitar. I was originally intent on ordering locally (Godin family, made in Québec), and than a friend (who has been playing ukulele/guitar since he was 3 or 4) talked to me about various brands/models, including Orangewood. Dozens of videos later, I made my mind, made the purchase, and I do not regret it.

Tuning: Although YouTube influencers seem to unbox and find their guitar already in tune, mine had each string about a half-tone too low… but who cares? I have tuned my new guitar only once upon unboxing it (May 24), and it was still in tune 15 days later (June 13) (I have also purchased the guitar accessory kit with tuner, strap, capo, picks/holder, string winder, and find it to be an excellent value for the price). I should note that I play relatively lightly, as I am learning fingerpicking and chords/chord transitions, so it might help the guitar to stay in tune.

Sound: The guitar projects its beautiful, rich sound so well that I do not need to play hard. The action is low, which is great because I have not yet developed calluses on my fingertips, so I can practice 20-minute sessions before my pinky starts hurting from the high E string. Looking forward to being able to play longer sessions and better transition between chords.

Size: I am currently learning my 3-year-old’s and my 5-year-old’s current favourite songs, and I hope that by seeing me learn at 45, it will instill in them the desire to learn to play at a young age. The smaller size of the Oliver Jr. should help both my daughters learn to play it, if they desire so (although the Jr's size is probably a better fit for a 7-year-old), and it will make it easier to bring the guitar on camping trips to play by the campfire.

Pickup/electronics: I chose the Live version. I will need time to improve my playing skills and feel ready to plug into an amplifier to give a live show but, in the meantime, I can plug in an audio interface and record/edit using a digital audio workstation software, and let the creative juices flow.

Mahogany: The wood grain and colour look great. To me, look is less important than sound, but I nonetheless find the rich dark wood more pleasing to my eyes than lighter colours. The guitar definitely looks as great as it sounds.

Shipping and Communications: Ordered on May 23, shipped out of California on May 24, and delivered in Québec on May 29. Customer Service is great, with excellent communications, and my impression is that they care about customer satisfaction. Personally, I would buy again. I hope this review will help others in their decisions.

Thanks for your review, Eric! It's also wonderful to hear about your plans for sharing your passion for music with your children. We're truly grateful for your support and hope your review inspires others to find their perfect musical companion.

Eric H.
It's pretty and sounds decent but hurts my fingers

That's pretty much it. I suspect the strings are maybe too thick or the action is a little high for me. But no doubt it's a good value.