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Mason Torrefied Spruce Live

$ 545.00

Introducing the Special Edition Mason Live. Now available with a vintage-inspired torrefied solid spruce top, ebony fretboard, and mother of pearl details, the Mason delivers timeless charm with a comfortable playing experience. Comes equipped with a Fishman Flex Plus-T EQ.

Note: Torrefaction is a unique baking process. Every guitar is one of a kind, and the finish may slightly vary in color.

• Body Shape: Grand Auditorium Cutaway
• Top Wood: Solid Sitka Spruce
• Back / Sides: Layered Pau Ferro
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fretboard: Ebony
• Bridge: Ebony
• Pickguard: Included (Optional)
• Gig Bag: Included

• Strings: Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light
• Electronics: Fishman Flex Plus-T EQ
• Tuners: Gold Die-Cast
• Neck Shape: C
• Scale: 25.5"
• Nut / Saddle: Bone
• Nut Width: 44mm
• Bracing: Scalloped X
• Finish: UV-Cured Gloss
• Overall Length: 41”
• Body Length: 19 11/16”
• Body Depth: 4 9/16”
• Upper Bout: 11 5/16”
• Middle Bout: 9 5/8”
• Lower Bout: 15 13/16”

Designed & Set Up in Los Angeles

All our guitars are professionally set up by our expert technicians for the smoothest "out of the box" experience for our players.

Technician sets up Orangewood guitar on a rustic workbench.

Torrefied Solid Top

For improved stability and tone, we’ve added a torrefied solid spruce top to our Melrose Collection. You’ll get a uniquely dynamic tonal range and golden glow of an aged guitar with all the benefits of a modern build.

Echo torrefied spruce guitar on a rug

Gig Bag Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our premium gig bag. The durable padding and comfortable straps provide protection for the guitarist on the go.

The Pickguard is Optional

All guitars come with an optional pickguard to protect the wood and add a decorative touch. Please keep in mind! Once applied, it can't be removed.

Fishman Flex Plus-T EQ

Our Melrose Collection Live models come equipped with an Fishman Flex Plus-T EQ System. The system features a built-in tuner and onboard volume / tone controls.

Melrose guitar pickup closeup

The Most Trusted Guitar Strings

We use Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light acoustic guitar strings to provide a crisp and full-sounding rich tone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Terry L.
A great guitar

Could not be happier. Plays great, sounds great. A truly fantastic value.

Duane C.

I impressed by the quality of the guitar. The sound is balanced between the bass n treble unplugged. The tuners are awesome, gold up front & black no slip pegs. The "Torrified" front of the guitar is appealing. The electronic tuner is a plus. The back and sides are awesome as well. I'm impressed by the inlays in the neck vs. "dots". I've being playing guitar for over 40 years and have experienced certain guitars that aren't near the quality of the Orangewood. Overall for me it's an investment & I'll most likely purchase another later on. Only 2 negatives. I wasn't able to buy a hardshell case. The gigbag is adequate. I play 11's and will replace the strings at a later time. I have paid more for guitars that did not include a tuner, guitars that needed constant re-tuning and fret buzzing. And at the moment, I need to send a guitar back, possibly for a refund due to possible a warped neck & frett buzzing. I am pleasantly impressed with Orange Grove guitars. Thumbs up...

Lauren W.
Mason TS Live - Totally took me by surprise

I've been hearing about Orangewood for months, and could not wrap my head around how everyone was saying that they were such amazing quality for an incredible price. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Mason TS because I've always been a fan of the cutaway but not the price. I have a Martin 000-RS1 and this guitar can definitely go in the same category, if not above. I've even had someone say that it sounds better than a McPherson, which is high praise! The only little things I have to comment on are the battery life for the pickup and the on board tuner isn't always super accurate. It will say that a string is in tune, but you can hear it slightly sharp or flat. I suppose regarding the battery that using the tuner also uses up battery so that could make it seem to last not as long?

Jonathan M.
Mason Torrefied Spruce Live

I just received my Mason Torrefied Spruce Live and I love it. I managed to purchase it on a 15% off sale bringing the price down to $465.00. This guitar is exactly what I was looking for at a great price. Very nice finish, I did not notice any dings or scratches to the guitar, the neck feels fantastic and easy to navigate, I think they nailed the aesthetic with this guitar. The look and feel of this guitar reminds me of moderately priced Taylor guitars that I've had a chance to play. The fret ends are good, none of them catch the pad of my fingers when running them up and down the neck. The setup on the guitar I received was fantastic, nice low action and playing barre chords is a breeze. The only negative I could find with the guitar is that when I received it the frets were not polished so they had a bit of oxidation on them, but with 20 minutes of effort I was able to clean them up with Music Nomads Frine fret polishing kit. After polishing the frets and restringing the guitar with Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb strings it massively improved the feeling of play on this guitar, it is just fantastic. I would recommend anyone getting an Orangewood to polish the frets when you receive it. This Acoustic meets my needs perfectly, I would purchase from Orangewood again. The communication from Orangewood's side is top notch, I received shipping updates every step of the way. I can't take away a star just because I had to spend 20 minutes to polish frets at the price I got this guitar at, so I am giving it 5 stars. Thanks Orangewood!


the guitar is well made, tone is sharp and clear. one problem that disturbs me is that the frets are not polished. For this reason it only gets four stars.