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All Solid Collection
Starting at $895

All Solid Collection
Starting at $695

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $345

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $225

Layered Top Collection
Starting at $135

Ukulele Collection
Starting at $105

Watch Sophie Giuliani Demo Ava

Watch Sophie Giuliani Demo Ava

Watch Jake Biller Demo Ava

Watch Jake Biller Demo Ava

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Highland models come freshly restrung with Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings.

Guitar tech setting up an Orangewood guitar on a workbench with extra strings in the background.

Vintage Inspiration, Timeless Impression

Inspired by the beauty of vintage guitars, we added a torrefied solid top and Grover open gear tuners to our Highland collection for an aged look and woody tone.

Ava Torrefied Spruce guitar sitting in a wicker chair

Deluxe Hard Case Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our durable hard case designed for gigging musicians.

Ava Torrefied Spruce guitar lying in deluxe hard case

Iconic LR Baggs Anthem Pickup

Our Highland Live models come equipped with the award-winning LR Baggs Anthem Pickup System, chosen for its warm natural tone and feedback resistance.

Close-up of the LR Baggs Anthem Pickup System controls inside the soundhole of an Orangewood guitar

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jeremy L.
I'm glad I chose Orangewood!

I was trying to talk myself into a taylor but couldn't justify the 2100 price tag on what I wanted. Orangewood had the same exact guitar (aside from a rosewood back) for half the price and better electronics (in my opinion). It sounds like a 2k guitar!

Thanks for the review Jeremy! We're so glad you tried out one of our favorites - we hope you're loving the torrefied top on your Ava!

Mark D.
Ava Torrefied spruce

Such a good guitar for the price! I am very happy with the sound, projection, resonance, and lovely fretboard action. Very easy to play. Well balanced guitar. The Torrefied spruce top seems very rigid but also very responsive. The case is a good hard shell. Very happy with this purchase. I got 2 other Orangewood guitars they play well

Thanks for trying our Ava Torrefied Spruce Live! We're glad you're happy with your guitar!

Alex M.
The package came in beautifully

I really appreciate the great service and the great quality material orange-wood provided to customers. Thank you.

Thank you for your review, Alex. We hope you enjoy your Ava Torrefied Spruce Live!

Larry H.
If it's almost perfect, I'd like to see real perfection

I now have my “almost perfect” Orangewood AVA, all solid, sitka top, mahogany back, sides and neck. Ebony fret board and bridge. LR Baggs anthem pickup and a hard case The price was 725 dollars because it has some cosmetic issue I still have not found. The neck is flat and the action is where most would want it to be. I prefer a bit lower. A small saddle adjustment and it is right where I want it. Intonation at the 12th fret is right on. No buzz on any fret. All the frets are smooth at the edge, no burrs anywhere. A fret rocker shows 2 frets are just a tiny bit high but well within an acceptable range. The neck joint is tight with no gaps. No truss rod adjustment was needed. The ebony fret board, and bridge are very nice and smooth. The setup was very well done, I don’t know the name of the tech but my compliments on a very good setup. The satin finish mahogany on the back and sides is very nice. The top is nice as well. I have looked over and over and see no sign of a scarf joint at the head stock the only glue line is at the heal the neck looks to be 1 piece of mahogany with the exception of the piece added to the heal. Internal inspection with a light and mirror shows all braces are solidly glued in place and clean. Only a tiny spot of glue squeeze out on the X braces. The construction and finish work shows that Orangewood has the big names under pressure to deliver at a better price than Orangewood.

As for tone, I’m just not the one to ask. All I can say is it sounds fine to my ear at a price that is as good as it gets.

So, assume the LR Baggs is worth 300 and the case is 100. That puts this all solid wood guitar “almost perfect” at 325 dollars. That is insane. Martin OM-28 $3300 and Taylor Grand Auditorium sitka top layered back and sides $1300. Eastman or Godin all solid would have been $1700. I would still love a fine top end Martin Furch or Taylor but I don’t have $3000 to spend at this time.

As for the issue of not being able to demo a guitar, I understand that is a real issue for some and that also comes with the overhead of a local shop carrying the cost of inventory to make it possible and people must be willing to pay for that. In my case, I am such a low level player, it just does not come into play. I can hear differences between different woods and brands but they are just not enough of a concern for me to make any difference. It’s not that any one is better, just different. I can only hope I get good enough that one day it will. Until then I will just play on.

Big thanks for the work Orangewood is doing for those of us who are on a budget. I showed it to a friend who is a very good player who has a $3000 dollar OM-28 and when he played them both I didn’t hear any real difference. With my ability, this Orangewood AVA is better than a player like me deservers.

To all the people at Orangewood, thank you and your future looks well in hand.

You're very welcome, Larry! We're so glad that you are satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for the review!

Paul G.
Almost great!

I really enjoy playing my Ava Live guitar. It's very responsive and easy to play. The factory setup is is pretty good. However, It does have an annoying buzz on the B string and a little on the high e string. The action may be too low and causing the string buzz. I emailed Orangewood for help and they suggested that I do a truss rod adjustment but it didn't eliminate the problem. I may need to send this one back but I would give them another chance and try another one. Besides that, it's a great instrument with a fine fit and finish. The LR Baggs pickup does a great job capturing the balanced sound of the Ava.