Oliver Mahogany

Oliver features a grand concert sized body with Mahogany top, back, and sides, making for a winning combination that delivers a beautifully balanced tone.

• Body Shape: Grand Concert
• Top Wood: Solid Mahogany
• Back / Sides: Layered Mahogany
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fretboard: Ovangkol
• Bridge: Ovangkol
• Pick Guard: Included (Optional)
• Gig Bag: Included

• Strings: Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light
• Electronics: N/A
• Tuners: Chrome Die-Cast
• Neck Shape: C
• Scale: 25.5"
• Nut / Saddle: Bone
• Nut Width: 44mm
• Bracing: Scalloped X
• Finish: Natural Satin
• Overall Length: 40 11/16”
• Body Length: 19 1/4”
• Body Depth: 4 1/16"
• Upper Bout: 11 11/16”
• Middle Bout: 9 7/8”
• Lower Bout: 15 3/4”



Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Nice guitar

I have several more expensive guitars. Martin, Taylor...I bought this for traveling and couch playing. I love the case they included. The guitar is beautiful, tuners and all. It plays and be feels much better then most guitars in the price category. I look forward to camping with it sometime soon. Perfect.

Sounds great and incredible!

I purchased this guitar when I first started learning (beginner level). A year later, I totally love it until this day. The feel/finish is beautiful, sound is crisp and great - overall just an awesome guitar!

Bonus: I checked out some of the Martin & co's and Taylor acoustic guitars this week at a store I have to say and the sound quality is not drastically better compared to Orangewood. So if industry standard for sound quality is taylor/martin & co etc - this only means Orangewood is up there. Thanks for the amazing guitar and experience!

Thanks for leaving this review, Darshan! We are glad to hear that your Oliver Mahogany is doing well over a year after your purchase!
Solid guitar for the money

I bought this guitar as an experiment to see if Orangewood makes quality products. I figured it would be my spare guitar or I'd let my kids use it to learn to play. Overall, I've been very pleased with it.

Beautiful look.
Very good sound from low-end through the mids, and at the high-end. I haven't found a sound that I don't like from this guitar.
The action is set up nicely.
The tuners are responsive and hold the guitar in tune remarkably well.

I really don't like the feel of the wood used for the fretboard. It's a $200 guitar, so I'm not really complaining. But it's not a guitar I will play a lot.
The pins that hold the strings down were jammed in awkwardly and inconsistently. Not a big deal, but some were sticking out a bit far while others were appropriately flush.

Very pleased with the guitar and I'm considering buying the Ava or Sage.

Surprisingly good

I’ve always wanted a mahogany guitar, and figured this was a good way to get two birds with one stone...the second aspect was actually trying out an Orangewood guitar fo see if all the hype was real...and, for the most part IT IS! I’m going to be brutally honest, because I want to touch on a lot of things that other reviewers didn’t.
So, out of the box, the guitar was set up great! No fret buzz anywhere along the neck, easy action, and overall great guitar. A quick tune, and she was ready to go. My personal preference is elixer polyweb strings, so I decided to change the ones that came on it out. This is where I noticed a slight issue...

The pins that hold the string down on the bridge were JAMMED in there...and I mean JAMMED. I couldn’t even get to it with a set of needle nose pliers, let alone a bridge pin remover. Luckily, it’s a 200 dollar guitar, so I said to myself I was gonna try a different technique...I reached inside the guitar, got under the bridge, and tapped them out from the worked, but wasn’t ideal. Second issue was the truss rod...mine was embedded into the neck, making it near impossible to access with the Allen wrench to adjust....another quick fix...I jammed the Allen wrench into the rod as far as I could and tweaked it up out of the wood, and it worked!! (Orangewood was cool and offered to send me another guitar if I sent this one back, but I decided to keep it). I put the elixers on it, adjusted it a bit, and it’s been a phenomenal guitar.

It’s nice to have something I’m not super worried about banging up or letting my kids mess around with, while also enjoying the guitar for what it is...and the gig bag they include is awesome.

So, to sum it up. For the price- you can’t beat it! You aren’t going to find a better value for 200 bucks in a guitar...I seriously mean that. Just know what you’re getting and you’ll love this thing. I really enjoyed the customer service and overall experience of buying an Orangewood guitar.

It sounds better than my other famous brand guitar

It sounds good, light weight, boomy