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All Solid Collection
Starting at $895

All Solid Collection
Starting at $695

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $345

Solid Top Collection
Starting at $225

Layered Top Collection
Starting at $135

Ukulele Collection
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Watch Ruben Wan Demo Cleo

Watch Ruben Wan Demo Cleo

Professional Setup in Los Angeles

With our expert setup, your guitar is ready to play right out of the delivery box. All Topanga models come freshly restrung with Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings.

Guitar tech setting up an Orangewood guitar on a workbench with extra strings in the background.

Superior Tonewood

Inspired by lush natural acoustics, we added a torrefied solid Sitka spruce top and, for the first time ever, solid pau ferro back & sides to our Topanga Collection.

Face up view of Orangewood Berkeley guitar.

Deluxe Hard Case Included

Take your guitar everywhere with our sturdy hard case. Designed for durability and comfortability, it’s made for the guitarist on the go.

Topanga Collection deluxe hard case in sunlight.

Iconic LR Bags Anthem Pickup

Our Topanga Live models come equipped with the award-winning LR Baggs Anthem Pickup System, chosen for its warm natural tone and feedback resistance.

Close up of LR Baggs Anthem control unit in soundhole of Sierra guitar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Roger B.
Right Up There

I’ve had them all. Just sold a Collins to a good friend. The Cleo is right up there with the best. Nice action. And I love the shape.

Lovely looking, sound a bit muted

I got mine a week ago. I love the look and the trimmings. A real beauty. But the sound is definitely muted relative to other mid range guitars, particularly the higher end, while the low end is good. It sounds good but quiet. My $400 Eastman dreadnought is more resonant. Actually so is my Baby Taylor which is parlor size and was $450. When I play on my deck I have a little trouble hearing myself. It's still a very fine guitar though.

Tom W.
Very happy, with a couple of little nits.

I wanted a good sounding and easy playing general purpose gigging guitar that I wouldn't have to watch after like a Ming Dynasty vase, and my kids got me this for my birthday. It fits the bill perfectly: Wonderful finish, gorgeous woods (says "Pao Ferro" but looks like Indian Rosewood), sweet sound unplugged, and the L. R. Baggs is about the best acoustic pickup you can plug into an amp. Also it was delivered before the scheduled date. Good work!

The setup was near perfect, except for two nits: (1) The G string "pings" when tuning. Lube helped a little but it's going to need a very slight filing. And (2) This was NOT "freshly restrung"! The strings it came with were tarnished enough to leave my fingers black, and dead as rubber bands. The G string snapped at the peg as I removed it! I had to immediately restring the guitar. I stuck on a set of D'addarios, and it sings. Both easy fixes, but should not need to on a $1000 guita, especially when advertised differently. Nowhere near enough to remove a star though. I very much recommend the guitar.

One issue that may be unique to me: I have been using a Line 6 wireless transmitter, which I love. But the transmitter has a little button which turns the unit on when you push it into the input jack. The L. R. Baggs strap-holder jack's end is a bit rounded (probably to ease putting on the strap), not flat, and the transmitter button doesn't quite hit it when the jack is inserted. Until I figure out a fix, I'm back to a cable! Oh well.

Francis D.J.
I Iove it. Just love it.

All the reviews on YouTube were spot on. Very happy with the purchase. More guitar than I need for many many years. Aloha.

Alex M.
The One You're Looking For!

The Orangewood Cleo Live is not only stunning to look at, but sounds and plays beautifully. It is very easy to play with its low action and comfortable neck, and stays in tune well. The sound is very resonant and bright, especially when played with a pick that to me shares some qualities of a Dreadnought-style guitar, which makes it especially great for Blues, Bluegrass, Latin, and even Tommy Emmanuel-style playing in my opinion.

This guitar offers a lot and is very versatile. For its features and quality I think this guitar is equivalent to much more expensive guitars out there. Bottom line, I don't think anyone would ever regret their purchase of a Cleo Live.