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Music is Win Video - Tyler Larson - Orangewood Guitars Blog

All of us guitar players have been there; that beautiful day when you get your first guitar! And while it was a glorious moment and a sweet memory, was the guitar actually that great?! Unfortunately its very rare to have an amazing guitar as your first, and a lot of times that's due to budget, but a big reason a lot of us had trouble getting a good guitar was accessibility.

Here at Orangewood we've made it our mission to bring amazing guitars to every corner of the country with our online platform (right now only shipping to the US, but hope to be able to ship internationally in the future!). 

We recently partnered up with our friend Music is Win to help spread the word and explain why an online guitar shop is THE new way to buy a guitar! Check it out.

Tyler put it perfectly.

Gone are the days of driving hours to different towns just to play an acoustic guitar to see if it "feels right"! You deserve a guitar that sounds good and is professionally set up for you, especially when you are learning. That's that's what we're here for.

Click here to check out the guitar Tyler is playing: The Echo

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